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dublo, Jan 8, 6:07am
Retrieved from way down the list so it doesn't get lost,. and so we can study g-forces again.

mrfxit, Jan 8, 6:37am
LOL . fair enough

mrfxit, Dec 10, 8:00am

seadubya, Dec 10, 8:16am
I know that guy! He wasn't happy when I diagnosed a fault in his car.

sr2, Dec 10, 8:26am
At least his girlfriend understands how gravity works!


clark20, Dec 10, 10:43am
couldn't. stop. watc-

mm12345, Dec 10, 11:04am
Her indoors walked in while I was in a trance-state watching that. She eventually pointed out that the video was looping, which did snap me out of it.
It's a bit cold tonight here in the dog kennel.

sr2, Dec 10, 11:12am
LOL; I'm using the Dotcom defense argument on this one.
(And to think Mrs sr2 calls me shallow!).

morrisman1, Dec 10, 6:23pm
Great video showing load factor in a roll. Might have to use it one of my classes! It would at the least get everyones attention

bjmh, Dec 10, 6:33pm
you guys have restored my faith in the intelligence of mechanically minded people. I have now got a crick in my neck from watching that sideways

mrfxit, Dec 10, 8:28pm
Ditto, but got it worse when I realized I could pause it in the right places

muzz67, Dec 11, 3:52am
OFGS! Stand yer laptop on edge!

sr2, Dec 11, 7:42am
What have I started here?
I was innocently posting a link to an informative, educational, demonstration of the effects of G forces!

richardmayes, Dec 12, 8:27am
Good grief, it doesn't take much to get you lot all excited.


sr2, Dec 12, 8:32am
Not quite as "scientific" but brilliant!

muzz67, Dec 12, 8:34am
Nah, the gravity vid was better.

nightboss, Dec 12, 8:52am

richardmayes, Dec 12, 10:02am
Here's a film about gravity that won't earn you a kicking.


sr2, Dec 12, 10:24am
No hooters?

mrfxit, Dec 12, 10:07pm
Apparently not

ozz1, Dec 12, 10:50pm
so nice to see a happy girl. :)

mals69, Dec 13, 1:43am

whqqsh, Dec 13, 2:01am
had that happen in the T bucket, attractive young receptionist at work, buttoned top, lots of throttle from takeoff. nek minnit. hello, boobies

mals69, Dec 13, 2:17am
Classic lolllol - Good stuff !

dublo, Dec 15, 7:40pm
Lest the important video in #3 gets lost down the pages of motoring topics this entry brings it back to the top of page 1!

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