Auto Electrical ? How is this even possible plz?

skygone1, Jan 18, 7:28am
test voltage with bulb in place, you may find it drops to near nothing , you need amps not volts to light a bulb. volt meters generally don't provide a load when testing voltage

skygone1, Jan 18, 7:32am
didn't see the other thread lol

grangies, Jan 18, 7:45am
Just relax. lol.

kiwibookhunter, Jan 16, 11:17pm
Okay so to get a wof I have to fix my number plate light. I pull the thing apart find the bulb is gone, replace it, no go. so I go deeper, strip the wires back and test them, yes there is power in the power wire, it reads about 12v when the tester is connected to the power wire and the earth wire. so i get a new bulb and test it to make sure it is good first and then put the wires to it and IT DOESNT GO! how is that even possible? there is power in the wires and the bulb is good!

brigette6, Jan 17, 1:23am
Clean up the connections in the bulb holder with some sand paper

intrade, Aug 5, 5:57pm
post in other thread dont know why they made 2 of the same

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