Honda Jazz or Toyota Ist?

vomo2, Feb 8, 10:08pm
Big decision, to buy either a 2007 Toyota IST or 2011 Honda Jazz. The Jazz will cost more but its more about comfort, reliability etc. Love to have comments from Jazz Sports 1500cc and Toyota IST 1500 owners to help with my decision.

andy61, Feb 8, 10:54pm
Go for the Jazz, much nicer car to drive than the old Ist, we have a 2009 Jazz 1300, lovely car all round,so economical, comfortable, roomy and reliable, the Ist is based on the Vitz/Yaris which I have driven and I wasnt impressed with them-rather cheaply built and finished, a rather harsh and noisy engine. Maybe a newer 2011 Ist could be ok.

kazbanz, Feb 8, 11:10pm
vomo-by 07 Ist you mean the second generation/facelift Ist don't you?
just clarifying because you are close to a change over year.
Makes a difference to my recommendation as they are totally different vehicles.

vomo2, Feb 8, 11:36pm
Possibly the 2nd generation

kazbanz, Feb 9, 1:52am
The ist is more comfortable/plush to drive. The ist seat height is higher.
The jazz feels more sporty.
reliability isn't an issue at all with the Ist. There was a historical transmission issue with the auto fits that should be sorted.-if its a manual then no issues with the fit either.

oemaudio, Jun 27, 5:52pm
Second generation IST are very nice cars. Sold in the USA under Toyota's Scion brand. Highish spec cars and drive really well. Slightly different look to them and well built. I really like them.

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