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dee238, Feb 22, 2:48am
Ssangyong Korando Petrol 2.0 e-XGi, 6spd Auto - 2015 brand new for $27,990. After a small suv, will not be towing anything, no rugged countryside stuff. Mainly for driving long distance on highway. Is this a good suv and buy? Tia.

franc123, Feb 22, 2:59am
Probably not, there would be other options that would do that for cheaper running costs. Why do you need an SUV at all?

intrade, Feb 22, 3:11am
do some research what is this engine based on?

tamarillo, Feb 22, 4:19am
When it need fixing in years to come where do parts come from.
And it's not a highway car. It's a cheap softroaders, you'd get better economy, comfort, safety, and handling with a station wagon or hatch.
If you really want a softroaders a good second hand one from any of the big names surely.
There's a reason it's cheap.

jmma, Feb 22, 4:34am
I asked Colin Meads and he gave me a list (o:

bigfatmat1, Feb 22, 4:39am
The Parts come from the dealership like every other car. These are actually quite nice cars to drive. They are not a highway car? Have you driven or owned one.? Fairly basic but the price reflects this the petrol is the pick of engines the reason it's cheap is its fairly basic as far as specs go. As well as being made in south Korea where manufacturing costs are lower.

tsjcf, Feb 22, 5:32am
How is it not a Highway car read the specs it looks a reasonable vehicle if the OP is on a tight budget.

Ssangyong have been in NZ for around 10 years nobody seems to complaining about lack of parts.
Take one for drive and see if it meets your needs.

brapbrap8, Feb 22, 5:46am
Mitsubishi ASX would be a similar vehicle in that price bracket.
It shares the drivetrain of the current Lancer which is a very reliable vehicle.
It has that name-brand resale value and a much longer warranty too.

thejazzpianoma, Feb 22, 6:04am
Friends have one and it's HIDEOUS!
You can get a Skoda Yeti ex demonstrator for much the same money. Then you would have one of the most awarded small 4x4's around. Also a very nicely equipped, nice to drive, low maintenance and exceptionally cheap to run vehicle. (you won't believe how good it is on fuel)

Go try one and see for yourself. BTW don't be put off by it being a 1.4, the 1.4 performs like a 2.0, it's just a new technology engine which is far more efficient. The Skoda 1.4 is actually quite a bit quicker than the Korando 2.0 Petrol. You will no doubt realise as soon as you take one for a test drive.

brapbrap8, Feb 22, 6:07am
+1 on the Skoda, it is a great car as well,

tamarillo, Feb 22, 8:43am
It is not a highway car because it sits high up in the air with high centre of gravity, excess weight, and poor aero. That means it rolls more and is affected by crosswinds more, it's a soft roader.
Like buying high heels for running, you can do it but why not get something designed for the job.
You can't defy physics.

bigfatmat1, Feb 22, 8:50am
excess weight lol I think maybe you should drive one or do some research before typing

tsjcf, Feb 22, 9:15am
lol so you have driven this car and know this for fact do you or do you apply this logic to all SUVs,Double cab utes and Vans that sit up high.

dee238, Feb 22, 4:23pm
Thank you for the above. I wanted a small SUV for the storage (once back seats are down), nothing fancy, and for driving long distances. I thought that with it being a 2015 and no miles it would be a good buy for $28,000 and I wouldn't be getting a lemon. I got all the information on the specs of this vehicle, but they mean nothing to me as cars are not my thing. I am trying to get advice from reviews and people who are into cars.

gettinggrey, Feb 22, 7:58pm
I looked at one last year.
Dealer told me the motor/trans was the same unit that Hyundai use in their ix35.
He even phoned the NZ distributor to verify this for me and I was told the same thing.
Hyundai running gear, so should be a reasonable machine.
We still haven't bought an SUV as we are waiting for the new Honda HRV (Vezel) to arrive first, before deciding.

tamarillo, Feb 22, 7:59pm
Well it weighs more than a focus which is about same passenger area I think.
If you made another car on same platform but in hatchback style it will weigh less as its got less wasted metal, often smaller wheels, and no unnecessary 4wd stuff though some soft roaders are 2wd.
And then the weight is up higher, in wrong place.
This is physics mate backed up by comparing weights. Ford falcon 1748, territory based on falcon 2167.
Mondeo petrol eco boost 1569, but Kuga 1682, and the focus on which kuga is based just 1420.
The SsangYong 1625 plus.
Look if poster wants to sit up high fine, I'm just pointing out there are better cars for the job in question.

tamarillo, Feb 22, 8:17pm
This car has not even been submitted for euro NCAP or Aussie ANCAP.
Only done its own Korean one which has not meaning as one can't compare.
Oh, and It seems these new ones have own engine designs, they are described as being in-house. Old diesels were merc. Dealer might need to brush up? They are now owned by Mahindra.

bigfatmat1, Feb 22, 11:43pm
If you do purchase one make sure the computer parameter coding is set for 91 otherwise it will pink. Also make sure the variant coding is changed to stop cold engine surge. This will nly take 10 mins but is a common complaint surging and pinking. These vehicles give little trouble.

westwyn, Feb 23, 12:51am
Waiting for a Vezel? Cool. They're an awesome looking machine and have been selling like hotcakes in Japan. I haven't tried one yet but can't wait to do so, the soft SUV marketplace is the "place to be" right now.

thejazzpianoma, Feb 23, 2:35am
Have a look at the many reviews of the Skoda Yeti. (also some video reviews on youtube). They were about the most universally acclaimed small SUV when they came out and are still exceptionally well respected.

The Yeti is by far the pick of the bunch of what you are looking for and here in NZ it's priced stupidly cheap. It's exactly what you are looking for, a safe, reliable and nicely mannered car that is small outside but super clever/generous on space on the inside. They are so cheap to run it's amazing.

VW/Skoda/Audi are all the same company and the Skoda benefits from the massive R and D budget and experience of VW Group. The mechanicals the Yeti is based on are from the most popular car platform in the world, that means very reasonably priced easily available parts.

Here is a Car Buyer review that covers a lot of what you were asking about.

Note. being a UK review, just ignore the bit about fuel economy. They are a primarily diesel market. Here in NZ, at your price point the 1.4 Petrol Yeti is going to be very hard to beat economy wise.

jmma, Feb 23, 3:05am
Here is my review on something the OP didn't ask for.

One of the most over rated and hidiously over priced vehicles on our roads. I would be hard pressed to think of a similar vehicle that is likely to cost you more (initial outlay for age/depreciation/running cost/maintenance cost/repair cost). and what do you get in return for all that expense?

Not a particularly startling vehicle compared to what else is available in the segment for the price.

Basically, a car for someone is not very good at basic arithmatic and listens to wives tales and what the crowd is doing instead of thinking for themselves. You can do SO much better it just isn't funny.

tamarillo, Feb 23, 3:13am
I apply this to any vehicle that sits up high, has high ground clearance, tall body, and even more so if it carries around 4wd bits. Physics doesn't lie, raise centre of gravity and you change behaviour, raise wright and you lose efficiency. Look at any vehicles made on same platform and compare saloon with suv version as I have done in other post.
Don't know why your all so stroppy about it, I'm not saying don't buy them if you want to be high, but be aware of the compromise your accepting. Same if you choose a coupe version of car you'll end up with less seating space in back, difficult access, and often lower car harder to get in and out. But you gain back some performance advantages (well not always it must be said).
So why the Agro? Are you denying physics?

thejazzpianoma, Feb 23, 3:27am
dee238, I try not to respond to the village troll but just so you know, this is a copy and paste of something I said about another vehicle. The poster is just following me from thread to thread trolling as he does. I point this out in case you confuse it for actual advice, which would be easy to do.

It's a shame we have to put up with such childish nonsense in here, it's not fair for you or those trying to help you.

slarty45, Feb 23, 3:48am
Ssangyong Korando (not made by Skoda)

sr2, Feb 23, 3:53am
I have to say I'm impressed by the Yeti, we have a friend who is a rep who covers both N & S Islands in one and raves about it.
I finally took it for a good long test-drive intending to just shut him up and ended up becoming a fan as well!

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