Honda Stream 2007+

intrade, Jan 17, 10:02pm
2009 is euro 5 emission from then on more tuffer regulation for no emission out of taipipe exist , and emissions regulation with not 100% servicing on time = destruction of any vehicle. as they must not produce emissions no matter what so they self destruct instead this is a simple version its way more complex , We have a 2010 dacia euro 5 i told my brother service it on time or it too will nuke its engine once a year is a must service no matter how little km its done on euro 4 and euro 5 engines
below 2009 is euro 4 and any import by nz law must be euro 4 or higher.

intrade, Jan 17, 10:08pm
basically what i try to tell you any make will have problems you would need to research what models have less problems , like our dacia has 0 things to go wrong other then the engine computer controll system and its components the rest is all manual like windo winders head light adjuster is also a number 8 wire going to the headlight not electric , Thats whyt i base it on the more crap you have the more can go wrong.
toyota is no exemption they too nuke them selfs like a car battery that is not 100% will cause harsh shift problems and destroy the transmission if ignored, There is people who rebuilt this transmission to find it did the exact same again because it had to do with a faulty car battery. this is just 1 example of how extreem things are on low emission vehicles

kazbanz, Jan 17, 10:19pm
Honda stream doesn't have a dodgy tranz at all--Honda Fit does.
mark x Zio is a front wheel drive 2.4 -Think of it as an ipsum with a different body for simplicity.
Mazda premacy might work too and Toyota wish.
The big dog bit ---mmm One idea might be a Honda stepwagon.

grangies, Jan 17, 10:26pm
Our local white-ware shop's big Transit van had broken down last week when I ordered a 320L chest freezer. One of the staff has a Step Wagon and he delivered the freezer in that. Was most impressed with the room in the back.

bazfan, Jan 17, 10:48pm
Hi Kaz- I saw from an old post of yours that the Zio was based on the Blade/Camry running gear. Does it have the CVT trans of the Blade or the 4spd Auto of the Camry mate?

vtecintegra, Jan 18, 1:57am
The Zio is a CVT except for the 3.5l which is a 6 speed auto. Also pretty much the same size as an Odyssey so those might be worth looking at too

kazbanz, Jan 18, 2:33am
definitely CVT.My one is a darn joy to drive. Tranz is totally no intrusive and the fuel economy is pretty darn good

bazfan, Jan 18, 7:04am
Thanks Vtec is the stream from 07 onwards a CVT?

bazfan, Aug 5, 6:08pm
My sister and BIL are looking at buying a new car. They have 2 kids and two largish dogs . Budget is $10k. Sis likes the Honda Stream from 07 onwards which looks more like a wagon and bonus is that being a 7 seater can take some of her kids friends as well. Anyone had any experience with them? There is a 2L one and a 1.8L one - I know one had a dodgy CVT transmission is this the 2L one. How do these compare with a Honda Accord wagon of the 2003-2007 vintage

Also looking at a Mark X Zio but is this a RWD wagon like the Mark X saloon?

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