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quickbuck, Jan 17, 8:32am
As far as I know he doesn't run a steering damper. Yup, he rides very hard. You can see him here:

jantar, Jan 18, 7:27am
I think its crazy on a motorbike how would you feel if you or the person waving back hit a patch of gravel and came off while focussing on the waving? If you broke down the person you waved to would be long gone anyway. cjdnzl wrote:
You've never ridden a bike, have you?[/quote]

He has given info on the KiwiBiker forums that shows he does less than 500 km per year. And, because he has seen some riders act dangerously, all riders on that stretch of road are dangerous as well.

quickbuck, Jan 18, 9:29am
Actually. Good point.

howie69, Jan 4, 2:52am
Just been riding around the top of the south and noticed that quite a few riders wave which is good. Also noticed there are a few who just ignore a friendly wave. Guess they are novices and need to hold on for dear life to the bars. No matter what you ride a friendly wave is nice to recieve or give, you never know that guy could stop for you sometime and help out in an emergancy. Be nice to each other guys.

neell, Jan 4, 2:58am
Waiting . -

m16d, Jan 4, 3:03am

jantar, Jan 4, 3:18am
Many give a nod as acknowlegement rather than a wave.

loose.unit8, Jan 4, 3:22am
lol, why stop at motorcyclists? Why not wave to everyone?

trogedon, Jan 4, 3:34am
lol, why stop at waving, why not stop and hug?
(above poster is waiting for the anti Harley-ites who say no Harley riders ever wave. Its almost true of course)

quickbuck, Jan 4, 3:43am
Oh look, a waving thread.

theo35, Jan 4, 3:58am
Agree for sure.

I wave to all motorcyclists when i'm on me cruiser, mostlyish I get a wave back, sport bike riders are the worst at not waving; other cruisers are guaranteed to wave.

I'm on a L at the moment and I was stopped at the metal dump for a piss the other day when two aped harley riders came round the corner and slowed right down and came close to make sure I was ok - it felt good.

crankypants69, Jan 4, 4:00am
Nah, they were trying to see how well hung you are

pge, Jan 4, 7:34am
Just a thought.

IF he'd been 'well hung'.

They wouldn't have had to slow down?

cassina1, Jan 4, 7:49am
I think its crazy on a motorbike how would you feel if you or the person waving back hit a patch of gravel and came off while focussing on the waving? If you broke down the person you waved to would be long gone anyway.

quickbuck, Jan 4, 8:14am
How much actual concentration do you actually need to wave?
Obviously you don't wave if you are too busy to.

Last time I rode through gravel I was able to do it one handed, but hey, maybe that is just me. No, wait, I have had a student who rode everywhere one handed. So, don't expect any waves from an older guy on a little red Late modal Ninja 250R.

sifty, Jan 4, 8:37am
Do you wave when you're in the supermarket and see somebody else pushing a trolley too. ?

Myself, I wave occasionally, usually a nod of greeting is offered/reciprocated. I haven't found any particular brand of bike any better or worse, but it is harder to wave when on a sportsbike and your bum is higher than your wrists.

tub4, Jan 4, 8:42am
I have friends that wave to no one, even other harley riders. Me, I wave to anyone riding as in my mind they're just like me out in the wind loving life n dodging cars

scarey65, Jan 4, 10:00am
they don't lol they're just so much better than anybody so they think

pico42, Jan 4, 10:41am
When I started riding motorcycles, the wave was one of those cool things I had no idea about until someone waved.
My sister found the same thing when she started riding.

Apparently there is a wave culture between Jeep owners too. Well, pre JK owners.

mardyyy, Jan 4, 10:55am
The Jeep thing is show empathy and provide comfort to fellow suffers. Its comfort to know that some other poor bugger knows what a money pit they can be.

trogedon, Jan 4, 9:18pm
Different car drivers do it too - I got this in the my MGBs, Porsche and VW Beetle.

motorboy2011, Jan 4, 10:08pm
Most wave or nod to others, except Harley riders who only wave to Harley riders and bmw riders who wave to no one!

mazzyz, Jan 4, 10:28pm
I nod to other bikes and drivers too, especially if the wait, let you pass or let you in traffic.

cjdnzl, Jan 4, 10:40pm
You've never ridden a bike, have you?

plasticboys, Jan 5, 6:44am
but can you beat a bucket racer on the track

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