Do (new) motorcycle dealers barter ?.

moby, Nov 8, 9:53am
I'm kinda keen on the new Triumph Bonnies, but when I do the comparisons between what we pay here and in other countries (taking into account GST and exchange rates) they seem a bit overpriced. I notice ChCh dealers throwing in things like a free leather jacket. Is it bad form to offer less than the sticker price !.

gunhand, Nov 8, 10:09am
wait untill theres a new model due then they will try and give it away lol, look what honda has just done. There new bikes were cheaper than what some wanted 2nd hand dam near it.

gunhand, Nov 8, 10:15am
Yea you are right they do not do alot, Suzuki have summerfest as well. Yamaha have good financing so they say.

richard198, Nov 8, 9:58pm
Depends on the make and model. All the dealers are feeling the pinch.
On the other hand, if you wanted a Ducati Diavel; get in line! The demand for that bike has outstripped supply. There is now a waiting list so no discounts or bargaining there!

sifty, Nov 8, 10:04pm
Just (politely) ask what is the best deal they can do for a cash sale, be prepared to walk, and then ask them to chuck in a helmet/jacket on top once you agree. They can only say no. and worth a crack.

And the Bonnies are quite nice looking bikes, wouldn't mind one myself but not the best for long distance stuff.

fordfan62, Feb 13, 11:14am
Best deal is no trade obviously,cash or finance makes no difference as finance pays asap.I traded my bike and for me it was the cost of swap,never got any discount but my trade was better than I expected,so all happy was me.

Mate was keen to trade 2 triumphs on a new triumph,dealer trade prices were a let down,considering he bought both bikes new from the dealer.