Honda CRV 2001+

bazfan, Jan 28, 9:24pm
Hey Guys,

Getting another dog in a couple of months so looking at selling the Accord Euro and buying one of these. Any issues reliability wise? See a few 2L ones out there- how are they to drive? Guess 2.4 is the preferred engine?


msigg, Jan 29, 1:51am
They are a good wagon, very reliable, the trans are not as good as good as a toyota but ours has had no problems for 250k. Yes do some test drives on the weekend, take it for a good long drive. Good luck.

kam04, Jan 29, 2:19am
We have had every model CRV. All up until the one we have now have been 2.4. The one we have now is a 2L . Understandably not as gutsy as the 2.4 but ok for what we use it for. They hold their value and nice to drive. As msigg said take it for a good long test drive, you'll love it. What model are you looking at?

bazfan, Jul 18, 1:56am
Looking at 2001-2004 ones. The 2L are cheaper but we do a lot of road trips so would prefer a 2.4

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