Station wagon 3 point seatbelt in middle backseat!

amandawallis, Sep 25, 2:31am
I am looking for a new-ish station wagon with a 3 point seatbelt in the middle of the back seat.Any ideas!

johnf_456, Sep 25, 3:00am
I dont mean to be a harsh but just go to a big caryard and even if you don't buy you get a look at what models and make to consider looking at.

a.woodrow, Sep 25, 3:03am
corolla wagon. whats your budget, big station wagon or small!

wrinkley, Sep 25, 6:45am
my camry does

fordcrzy, Sep 25, 8:16am
try a 2004 mondeo. they have a lap belt in the middle and you can get 3 car seats accross the back seat also.

vtecintegra, Nov 20, 11:03am
Most newer models do, Mazda 6, Toyota Avenis, VW Passat, 03+ Caldina etc