1965 Ford Mustang. Station Wagon?

mantagsi, Jun 17, 10:11am

buyme3, Jun 17, 10:33am
oh hell yes i want it

hotrodtodd1, Jun 17, 10:35am
Good lines, but maybe the back of the side window could have followed the C pillars lines instead of the ugly ones they used.

pretty cool tho.

zephyrheaven, Jun 17, 6:53pm
rear end looks like an AMC Gremlin lol, what a heap

dr.doolittle, Jun 17, 8:00pm
Exactly what I thought!

v8cougar, Jun 17, 8:26pm
http://www.gtapex.com/forum/index.php!topic=543.0 , more front/rear hybrids. (yeah ok there jap car) but still very cool and alot of work gone into them

lookoutas, Jun 18, 6:20am
Ford actually commissioned various prototypes to be made.
There was even a 69 with a rumble seat, a 66 retractable hard-top - and a 4 door!
Also a 67 wagon.
And I've been called a train-spotter before.

howie69, Jun 18, 7:53am
Looks better than the old Zephyrstation wagons made by Ford, and probably is better handling.

neville48, Jun 18, 8:36am
The 65 station wagon was built by Carrozzeria Intermeccanica by private commission but never caught on. Also in 65 Bertone built a mustang for the New York Motor Show, flip up headlights and a body like a Interceptor/sunbeam Rapier. At the 1967 Chicago Auto Show the Mustang Mach 2 was on show as a mid engined 2 seater, looks like a Ferrari 308 GT but it also never went into production but all these cars are out there somewhere.but who cares, its just another Mustang aye.

trogedon, Jun 18, 9:15am
The Muzzy looks good - well, as good as a wagon of one of them could do. Like the colours too.

ema1, Jun 19, 11:31am
That green '66 is a rather neat design concept and as far as yank wagons go quite nice to look at.
Obviously the guru's at Ford didn't think it would get the "green light" and canned it.
Car sales in those days the Mustangs sold like "Hot Tomallies" and a wagon version would have created a "niche" all it's own.

lookoutas, Jun 19, 8:50pm
They obviously got a Yanke body and worked it over.

Just went for a Google, but turned up nothing.

nathanmac, Jun 19, 8:59pm
it's been years since i've seen a pic of a mustang wagon - but i don't think any of these were the pics i remember seeing.call me a freak but i like the green wagon - just a handy size for throwing the kids gear in for a sunday drive.

but i also liked the 53-54! corvette wagon concept that had a roof like a nomad.

xacoon, Jun 19, 9:05pm
was sent over to the states for a "makeover" came back missing 2 doors and gaining a few cui. thought it was a 429! was in an early amc magazine, I have it at home somewhere.

lookoutas, Jun 19, 9:10pm
Ford only ever commissioned the wagons to be built, as with some of the others - those others mentioned in #10 are concept cars. Then of course there's the prototypes, of which many of the final production cars evolved from.

There's been a rebuild/copy done of that Corvette.

An XY Coupe would make a good project - with a 427 Cammer. (I'd give my left one for one of those engines)

tgray, Jul 4, 2:02am