Best station wagon?

nico32, May 15, 10:06pm
wanting something with good fuel economy, under 2000cc.

opinions please

r15, May 15, 10:08pm
a~1992 toyota corolla diesel.excellent fuel economy, car can be bought for around $1000 on a good day.

probably not what you're looking for, but you asked a pretty open ended question

stevo2, May 15, 10:08pm
Are we talking "Brand New or under $1000!"
cheers Stevo

nico32, May 15, 10:11pm
sorry not very clear,
just wanting something with a small motor,
will trade current car, so a newer model one

r15, May 15, 10:24pm

ok, lets start like this:
"my name is nico32 and i currently have a[insert year, make, model, engine size & gearbox type here]

i travel [xxxxxxxxx] km roughly per year and i use my car for [ transporting 1 child to and from school / towing a horse float / im a company rep / i am a surfer / etc etc]

i find my current car [too big / too small / too slow / too fast / too thirsty / its constantly broken down]

the thing i dont like about my current car is [the streo sucks / the boot is too small / there is too much legroom]

i need a [manual / auto] because i [cannot drive manual / auto is too gutless]

my bugdet is [$xxxx] but i could stretch to [$XXXX] but ideally id like to spend about [$xxx]

the reason i want a smaller engine than 2000cc is [blablabla]

i like the look of[fiat multipla / toyota altezza / ford modeo / etc etc]

if i bought a multipla would my friends still want to be seen with me !
if you filled this in, you would get HEAPS of good advise.

nico32, May 15, 10:41pm
ok r15(or cheeky)
I have a 2001 honda CRV,2000cc,auto.I love the car but as we live on hills is a bit too thirsty, in that I may need to start biking.
looking for a car for transporting the family do about 15000km year
happy to go to smaller engine.

I am of obviously no car knowledge, so advice will slight smartarsedness fine.

_peas, May 15, 11:53pm
I'm not an expert on these vehicles by any stretch but wouldn't they be pretty frugal on the gas anyway!I mean sure there are better but how much are you really expecting to save.By getting a smaller engined car and using it on hills its going to burn the gas working hard anyway.Say you saved (purely hypothetically) 2l/100km. You cover ~300 a week (at 15,000km a year) Thats saving you 6 litres of gas a week. or ~$13.Not bad but is a smaller car going to be up to the job in the hills!Carry all you need to carry!

Whats your budget too!

r15, May 16, 12:41am
CRV's arent renowned for being gas guzzlers -how many km/ are you getting per litre!

generally if you live on or around hills, and your finding a 2000cc too thirsty you would probably want to look at getting something with a bigger engine, not smaller

alternatively go for a diesel, where economy doesnt change as much on steeper terrain as it will in a petrol.

nico32, Feb 24, 6:45am
so far have done less than 500km and that with 60 litres of petrol.
the crv has done less 20000km all up so depending what could get for it would want to spend upto 15
may well just get me wee nissan pulsar back if going to car yard with tail between legs would help.
got 820 km or so so same petrol.

(kicks self in bum for trading it)