Station wagon, under 18k, economical but stylish

nutbar, Aug 4, 4:57am
Hi there, I need to upgrade from a Nissan pulsar 2 door hatch to a vehicle more suitable for a small family. Im looking for fuel economy, and would prefer it to look not like a soccer mom type car. I do about 15,000kms a year. The budget is under $18k. The car I like the look of the most is a 2006 Peugeot 307 station wagon, but most car salesmen say I'll need deep pockets for service and parts. Are they just trying to steer me towards their Jap imports like a Mazda attenza! Does anyone have any other suggestions that I can look at! Many thanks :)

phillip.weston, Aug 4, 5:04am
A 307 wagon is a nice wagon indeed but even being a 2006 year it's quite out-dated as it was released five years prior in 2001. I just don't think it's $18k worth of car. It will be worth $8k in just a couple years, if that. They're a smaller car also, so do keep that in mind if you are comparing it to the likes of the Mazda6/Atenza. Personally myself I would go for the Mazda6 Sportwagon, or the Accord Euro wagon - $18k should be able to buy 2005-2006 examples of each.

mgmad, Aug 4, 7:15am
Personally I'd be buying an MG ZT-T, you'll get 4-5k change out of your 18k. However, while the V6 (which is by far the most common in NZ) is quite a bit more economical than the V8, it's still not super great, and not as good as the 1.8T or the 2.0 diesel (which is, by all accounts, a very good engine). Rover 75 tourer is very similar, don't handle as well (still quite good though) but ride better, and cheaper. Also more likely to find a diesel than in the MG, but still scarce.

Otherwise, I'd probably be looking at a Mondeo wagon, or maybe a Mazda 6. Been quite impressed with the Mondeo's I've driven.

grangies, Aug 4, 7:19am
It is still very rare in NZ though, in any form.

mgmad, Aug 4, 7:52am
Yes, but not stupidly so - 6 on here for sale at the moment.

tez, Aug 4, 7:53am
We looked at wagons for ages before settling on a 2.3 Atenza, they are a good car with reasonable power and quite comfortable.Legacy's are very well optioned too for similar money but personally I wouldn't be game to go near them although I have friends with a 3l which they have gotten a very good run out of (not very economical though).I've heard the modeos aren't too bad either and the Primera wagon although plan is fairly cheap buying. I've heard a few car sales guys say the early cvt trans aren't that flash; afraid I don't have an opinion either way there.With a body kit and some nice wheels the Camry wagons can also look quite good, Caldina's are fairly solid as well but a bit dated looking in my opinion.

vtecintegra, Aug 4, 8:11am
They haven't made a Camry wagon for the past couple of models.

Anyway I'd decide how big of a vehicle you want, there is quite a size difference between a 307 and a Atenza/Legacy sized vehicle.

rovercitroen, Aug 4, 8:13am
BMW 325i Touring

ossieborn, Aug 4, 8:19am
i still like our 2007 mondeo its only fault is the barge on the front lol
but only car we liked with family of 5 and in our buget

tez, Aug 4, 10:45am
Sorry yes, I meant to write ZT Caldina instead of Camry; got carried away writing and forgot what car I was talking about! And the gen 2 and older Calidnas were what I meant look a bit dated :)

jason18, Aug 4, 9:10pm
You can buy ours lol

shelleigh, Aug 4, 10:40pm
I've currently got a 96 Corolla wagon and LOVE having a small station wagon - plenty of room and easy to parallel park. When I update, probably early next year, I am looking at getting a Focus wagon. And I'm a soccer mum lol

fordcrzy, Aug 5, 1:34am
a ZT caldina is another good choice if you want something a bit more"common".

nutbar, Aug 5, 2:23am
Thanks all for your suggestions. I've looked at them all and I think I'll go and test drive a Mazda 6/atenza. Definitely not looking for yuppie, just something not too plain/boring looking. But most important is safe, reliable and economical. Any other suggestions are welcome :)

scoobeey, Aug 5, 9:02am
Are you Jazz reincarnated lols

spongefrisk, Aug 5, 9:40am
lol. nah. Just happen to like them, not that I own one. Would consider one as my next vehicle though. Have a couple of nissans at the moment.

reav3r, Aug 6, 12:01am
Altezza Gita. Fast, stylish and safe. Also RWD if you're by yourself, its wet and you may be thinking of putting it side-ways.

tez, Aug 6, 8:25am
If you drive an Altezza we found that the pre face lift model (changed mid 95) with 4 stage auto on 2.3l felt very lack lustre but the version 2 with 5 stage auto felt like it had much more power even though we were told they are essentially the same engine.

fordcrzy, Aug 6, 8:55am
altezza gitas are a bit thirsy compared to a mazda atenza arent they!

mulder1982, Sep 21, 5:45pm
Don't buy Mondeo in auto, which I currently have one, it's very thirsty and sluggish.