HELP! 1996 toyota carib 1600 petrol auto.

kngfhrt, Oct 2, 1:54am
i have a 1996 toyota carib petrol was driving home and it just stopped going its not the battery when it stop all the dash lights turned on! before all this was going sweet as like a toyota should! thanks

kngfhrt, Oct 2, 1:55am
its difently not timing belt.

the-lada-dude, Oct 2, 2:21am
mmmmm, lets see now,no petrol in tank !

aj254, Oct 2, 2:22am
maybe the ecu!

zak410, Oct 2, 2:23am
Did it cut-off straight or *cough-cough like* for a while before stopping!

kngfhrt, Oct 2, 2:34am
i was driveing and it just cut out and all tha dash lights came on it didnt cough at all.

mugenb20b, Oct 2, 3:09am
Does the engine turn over when you crank it!

kngfhrt, Oct 2, 4:33am
no power to starter motor no click no nuffn just dash lights go vry dim

franc123, Oct 2, 4:37am
You need to be testing the battery and its connections PROPERLY, not guessing its OK because of dash lights coming on.I think you will find that it has fallen over.Oh and Toyotas break down like everything else does, why people think otherwise is one of lifes great mysteries.

mugenb20b, Oct 2, 4:38am
How did you check the battery and cambelt! If the battery is OK, are terminals clean and tight! Have you checked all the fuses and fusible links! Are the engine oil and water levels OK (ie. motor not seized)!

mrrxtrader, Oct 2, 4:55am
where do you find the ecu!battery oil,water, ect is fine belts fineit started fine this morningdrive fineit just stopped going. the starter motor das not want to click overi have taken that out and will have that checked and tested tomoroi have used anther battery still anthing

mrrxtrader, Dec 5, 10:51pm
test battery today and starter motor thats finethe belts not brokenthe terminals clean and tightive put a wire from the starter to the battery and nothingwhats else could it be!