Want to get into motor x - where to start!

woody244, Oct 7, 8:37am
I have just brought a motor x cross bike after a few years of not riding and are just wondering if there is anyone out there looking forsomeone to go riding with during week after work and in weekends.

woody244, Oct 7, 9:25am
Oops. Iam in Palmy North

ct9a, Oct 7, 10:01am
Check my listing

hydroman08, Oct 9, 5:43am
Any clubs in the Palmerston North area!
Looking for something new to do, and always liked motor bikes!

r15, Oct 9, 5:47am
manawatu-orion motorcycle club

r15, Oct 9, 5:48am
have a look on kiwibiker forums too if you're after any bike advise, this forum is more about how fiat's are incredible and diesels arent cost effective to run (lol)

hydroman08, Oct 9, 5:54am
haha thanks!Whats a good learners bike!Im 25 :-) dont want to spend a hell of a lot though!

countrypete, Oct 9, 6:09am
Have you done much trail bike riding!

sw20, Oct 9, 6:12am
My first dirt bike was a '91 KX 125. Easy to learn on, but still quick enough. Putting it up for sale soon as I want a faster bike.

oliver6, Oct 9, 6:38am
Are you interested in moto x, trail riding, or enduros !

glenn_michelle, Oct 9, 7:45am
define hell of a lot! not the sport to get into if money is tight especialy when you factor in riding gear the accessories the bike will need and maintenance

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