Falcon 4 sale

a.woodrow, Oct 9, 10:07pm
1 carefull lady owner

mk3zephyr, Oct 9, 10:25pm
Or should that be One elderly owner lol

franko171, Oct 9, 10:27pm
only driven on sunday

bellky, Oct 9, 10:47pm
'sounds like a v8 should'

countrypete, Oct 9, 11:45pm
You're fired!

bill-robinson, Oct 9, 11:45pm
Really Quiet!

bellky, Oct 9, 11:48pm
has it got no motor! i don't know!

hamishcookie, Oct 10, 12:22am
Has had recent flame job paint job with powder coating on wheels. Brakes may need work for wof.

mk3zephyr, Oct 10, 12:28am

wrxnz1, Oct 10, 2:08am
how much fuel does it hold!:D

lookoutas, Oct 10, 4:25am

neo_psy, Dec 23, 11:05am
Aftermarket heater