So the V8's cost Hamilton

eagles9999, Oct 28, 3:37am
over 30 million. Wellington previously found out the hard way that those guys play very hardball,who in his right mind would set up a streetcircuit for V8's in NZ! All of thes big time promoters, be it IRB, Formula One, or V8's want their pound of flesh andcouncils are often blinded by the big promises and bright lights of publicity.

trdbzr, Oct 28, 3:43am
Councils, governments etc have the same type of people. They don't read the fine points and think long term, they just look at how well any proposal/legislation is at getting them elected at the next elections. Even if they know that a proposal/legislation is a ticking time bomb, they don't care, because at the end of the day, they won't be paying for it out of their own personal pockets.

ardeea, Oct 28, 6:30am
Just plain dumb bunch of amateur Council boffins trying to show off
their egos - couldn't even read or understand a financial budget. Had
no business plan.Bet you they can all understand how to spend up large
on a Xmas piss up and bludge on the payment trough.

socram, Oct 28, 6:56am
Bet they can't pull the wool over the eyes of the owners of permanent circuits, who have a fair idea of what it really costs.Mind you,MSNZ will probably be coining it given half a chance and with no risk.

Temporary circuits are a total waste of money unless you can guarantee income and have a realistic grasp of costs.

foxdonut, Oct 28, 7:12am
The Hamilton council couldn't manage a piss up in a pub. Just look at the state of Hamilton retail and semi-commercial industry in the city. People are leaving in droves to go to The Base for shopping because the parking is free and you don't get attacked by a warden the SECOND you go over your time and if you run a shop you don't have a rates hike every third day.

I had a friend worked for the council a while back, said she'd rather kill herself than work there again.

elect70, Oct 29, 1:03am
They employ consultants who tell them it will bring millions of $ into the city , wellington did well in first yearbut dropped offuntil it was just too expensive . Luckily they sold all theconcrete barriers toMasterdon Dragcrowd.Surfersmust cost afortune to run .

tigra, Oct 29, 1:53am
Wellington did well until it had to comply with International safety regs and the circuit was far too bumpy and repairs were needed. Years ago a lady Wellington City Councillor was forever trying to promote having a F1 race in the Capital .yeah right!

socram, Jan 14, 7:05pm
At least she was pro motorsport. Far better than a greenie jumping up and down about the pollution and noise.