Any falcon owners that can help me

brokebloke1, Jan 17, 2:59am
im looking at a XR6 1998
automatic, when i went for a test drive in the center of the dash is ths digtal kms reading and just off to the side of the reading is a spanner shaped light that was on .
Is this the engine check light or something else .
can someone please tell me what this is for

hamishcookie, Jan 17, 3:03am
Its a service interval light, on my EF if I hold the odo button in for 10sec it turns off until it ticks over the service interval again.

fordluva, Jan 17, 3:03am
Service light, its either due or been done by someone who did not know how to reset it, check coolant colour and condition, oil condition (particularly under the cap) to give you an idea on whether or not its well serviced, otherwise its nothing to panic about.

brokebloke1, Jan 17, 3:13am
great thanks for the fast repilys
this car has done 150,000kms is there any thing I should look for in regards to service

twink19, Jan 17, 3:29am
if service properly it should go for another 300k min

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