New Shape (06 +) Mazda Mpv!

charilej1, Jan 18, 2:10am
Any comments on these would be appreciated. Need a bit of power, so looking at the 2.3L turbo model.

jsbike, Jan 18, 2:18am
we have 5 or so of them at work, I have driven 2 and they both surge a little at a constant speed, like thay are missing, idle fine though. nice deep boot and slide doors on both sides are good, factory headunits are crap and take up half the dash.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 18, 5:13am
Have a drive of a 2.0 Touran as well. You get the 6 Speed DSG box and fair bit more go than the non-turbo Mazda (not sure how it compares to the Turbo) for half the price. (and much lower running costs)

Not quite as flash looking or luxurious in the back though. But still its a mechanically superior vehicle for half the price.

Luggage space is less with the rear seats up though so depends what you are doing.

fordcrzy, Jan 18, 6:38am
those 2.3 turbo mazdas are pre people mover porn.they go like snot.get one with the electric sliding doors and fit a good stereo with a reverse camera in it. we looked at these but were way out of our price range. this time last year they were over 35K so they are getting to be really good price now.

charilej1, Jan 4, 9:56pm
Thought about a touran, but they're too small for what we need. THe new VW sharan that's just come out in the UK looks interesting thou.

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