WOF and window winders

gusthe1, Jan 19, 10:06pm
Just another wof question. Does a car need to have a drivers side window that winds down to get a warrant. it is a two door car. I need a wof and just remembered several months ago that the power window thingy packed up and I jammed the window closed.

cheviot, Jan 19, 11:10pm
No it doesn't.

1fordluva, Jan 19, 11:15pm
Take the switch out and clean the contacts,it will live again.

im_andrew, Jan 20, 1:08am
As long as the saftey standard etching is visible, It doesnt need to open/close.

jono2912, Jan 20, 1:10am

socram, Jan 20, 3:50am
What if the glass is pre-etching times! None of my glass appears to have any markings on the old car.Must be a date when the rule cam in.

Can you take the door glass out altogether!Is it one of those items like the spare wheel that can only be failedl if it is there and not up to standard!

carmedic, Jan 11, 12:48pm
Windscreen markings (often incorrectly referred to as etchings) are not required on vehicles manufactured prior to 1st Jan 1960. Other glazing only requires markings after 1st Feb 1977.
Yes you can remove glazing provided its not bonded which is deemed structural.

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