Ford Focus wheel bearing

linda381, Jan 21, 1:47am
My Ford Focus has just failed its WOF because the right rear wheel bearing needs to be replaced.He has quoted a price of $430.00 (incl GST and labour) and would need the car for approx 1.5 hours to do the job.Any mechanical people out there who think that this price sounds right or is it a bit steep for this type of job!Thanks.

tmenz, Jan 21, 2:27am
Depends what the bearing consists of! My son's Corolla rear wheel bearing is in the form of a bearing cassette which is priced at over $800 for a new one!
Get the quote itemised to see how much the parts are!

bjdw, Jan 14, 6:17pm
On some of those things the bearing is all one piece with the hub.The whole hub has to be replaced and some of those can retail at over $300.