Best-sounding motor! I think I've found it

pge, Dec 4, 8:26pm

mrfxit, Dec 4, 8:46pm
LMFAO . SWEEET sounding mofo
Some ppl simply have far too much money & time on their hands

a.woodrow, Dec 4, 11:40pm
did anyone think he was going to loose his beard in the front pulleys when he leant in!

strobo, Dec 5, 4:46am

mrcat1, Dec 5, 4:55am
If you have heard one 2 stroke Jimmy, you have heard them all. Nothing really new there apart from santa.

skin1235, Dec 5, 5:02am
what a pity he can't drive without the line locker

strobo, Dec 5, 5:35am
Pity you don't know what a "Line locker" is!lol That is a Nascar engine ,why would a line locker be applied there !It's not front wheel drive !

mrfxit, Dec 5, 5:57am
WT heck has THAT got to do with this thread!

ambo11, Dec 5, 6:00am!v=fZMPDCNyQxE

This sounds unreal, considering it's only 1500cc and made in the 1950's.

kiwihonky, Dec 5, 6:16am
Ha ha, man, dem crazy yanks. They should put it into an old Willys Coup, lol.

NZTools, Dec 5, 6:24am
How about the best dyno blow-up ever! this one would be up there.!v=aUkXriHjQeI

strobo, Dec 5, 7:02pm
Thats real cool

pge, Dec 5, 8:46pm
To me, it's not just the exhaust note, but the sound of all those 8/71 blowers howling away.

High speeds and close tolerances make for harmonies unknown but to bats.

1ollie, Dec 6, 5:04am
It sounds a hell of alot better than the first load of loose fart sound maybe!

mrcat1, Dec 6, 6:03am
If you listern to 2 of them day in and day out for 12 hours a day they just become mundane screamers.

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