Canvas Truck canopy/tent

tortron, Dec 6, 8:19am
I am wanting a heavy canvas canopy plus framing made up for my truck.!attachmentid=287564&d=1231101572 something like that^.Truck is a 1948 Commer Superpoise, flat deck (has sideboards and roof height hungryboards).Who do i talk to about making something like this up for me

henderson_guy, Dec 6, 8:21am
Anyone who does canvas awnings, custom tents, etc. Just look in the yellow pages for a local guy

poppajn, Dec 7, 1:22am
You will need to get a enginnering shop or someonewho can weld you up a pipe frame first.

tortron, Dec 7, 4:22am
Minimal welding would be used, i want it all to pack down (not that i couldnt do that myself)

quickstitch, May 13, 10:17am
talk to a local motor trimmer. Its what we do. just make sure you don't get a tight fitting one. we allow 5% for shrinkage on canvas. So when it leaves the shop it look baggy as, but give it a year of use and it will be just right.