Cortina Engines

sunny665, Dec 10, 6:56am
is there any diffrence between the engine mount's on a mk1 through to mk 5 2 litre engines!

phillip.weston, Dec 10, 6:57am
given that the production spans some 20 years and two different engine families, then yes they probably are different sizes.

panicky, Dec 10, 7:19am
Mk3 was the first to have a 2.0L

robinm1, Dec 10, 8:16am
Actuallythe Pinto engine, ie the 2litre engine bolts up ok to the std engine mounts of a 1300 Escort which of course ran the kent motor, the same basic block as the mk1 cortina, so there is a very good chance that the pinto will bolt up ok in a mk1 Cortina. You may have to change the actual mounts to Pinto ones, but it SHOULD all bolt up ok. Not so sure on the gearbox mount though.

brokebloke1, Dec 10, 8:44am
sorry to crash the party but will a MK3 cortina pinto motor bolt up to a MK1 capri engine mounts, looking at upgrading the capri

kevymtnz, Dec 10, 9:04am
you may have trouble with the sump so a cut in weld here maybe needed

sunny665, Dec 10, 6:01pm
ok, do the mk 3-5 2L cortina's have the same engine mount's , no one achually awnsered my question, i just pulled my mk 5 engine out, and need to know if i can put a mk 3-4 in or not!

brokebloke1, Dec 10, 6:18pm
yes you can I put a mK5 into a MK3 didnt change anything just dropped in

sunny665, Dec 10, 9:10pm
thankyou :)

marte, Dec 11, 1:34am
Ford serria engines a upgrade on Mk4 & 5.

rob_man, Dec 11, 1:37am
Possibly watch for different sized spigot bearings, that was pretty much the only thing different on some of the early Kent engines.

pfemstn, Dec 11, 2:03am
all blocks have a universal mount casting from 105e to mk 5 cortina ie all the straight 4 ,s