Stolen - MK1 Cortina GT - Christchurch

kraines1, Jun 17, 10:57pm
Stolen from Brougham Street (outside canary furniture), around 4pm 15th of june, last seen driving up hastings street, didnt have much gas so hopefully shouldnt have gone far, any information on where it is now/where you saw itwould be appreciated.
Colour is: Black Cherry (Maroon)
registration "NZPD"

whynot7, Jun 17, 11:12pm
shoot the basturds

kraines1, Jun 17, 11:51pm
sorry i dont have any pictures, posting on behalf of the owner, and yes totally agree "shoot the basturds"

unclejake, Jun 18, 12:14am
Four door!

kraines1, Jun 18, 6:25am
yes 4 door sedan

johnf_456, Jun 18, 7:57am
No body's pride and joy should be stolen regardless of what it is. Theft is theft.

attitudedesignz, Jun 18, 8:09am

johnf_456, Jun 18, 8:11am
Not this again, its johnf_456 for the reference.

OP: all the best, fingers crossed.

lookoutas, Jun 18, 11:22pm
Any camera's working in those areas!

tylin, Jun 20, 5:12am
Sorry , i was not trying to spam . I just know that having a gearlock makes it much harder for theives to steal a car and everyone that wants to keep their car should have one .

sfw4, Jun 20, 10:09am
Cameras only trained to recognise number plates that link back to no wof, no regos. for revenue collecting purposes only. not recovering some poor guys car

thejazzpianoma, Jul 7, 3:40am
Yes, you can't have these resources tied up fighting proper criminals. Its about priorities, just like how you should charge the guy who brings a couple of crims into the station with kidnapping and let the original criminals go with your apologies for their inconvieniance.

Com's will also not alert road Policing units to look out for a stolen vehicle being driven by someone who is committing massive amounts of fraud, even though they know pretty much exactly where that car is.