Steering wheel play in vt commodore

mcholden1, Dec 16, 11:42pm
i failed my wof to day as my steering wheel has excessive play left right and up down im assuming it is the upper bearing in the column the inspector told me it was a common fault in the early vt. so how hard is it to fix the bearing as ill be doing it myself

ceebee2, Dec 17, 1:30am
There is an upper plastic bush that stops that play and is ok to do if you have the correct gear.steering puller etc. If it has SRS airbag then don't touch it but take to a reputable garage. Cannot remember if that model has the SRS a/b.

mcholden1, Dec 17, 1:58am
yea it has a air bag so what should i do and how much will it cost

mcholden1, Dec 17, 2:32am
where can i get this plastic bush im pretty confident in doing it got a workshop manual handy and the right tools

icemans1, Dec 17, 2:37am
i've got a VT and got a workshop manual, but i wouldn't p!$$ around with it because of the airbag

mcholden1, Dec 17, 2:50am
bugger mmmm

icemans1, Dec 17, 2:53am
better to be safe than sorry mate.

mcholden1, Dec 17, 3:00am
yea thats true so how much will it cost me

mcholden1, Dec 17, 3:02am
at a mechanics

mcholden1, Dec 17, 3:03am

mcholden1, Dec 20, 2:34am
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so i took my car to a garage today to test the play in my steering wheel they had a good look at it and feel of it and they said that my steering wheel was perfectly fine so sweet as took it back to the testing station and the guy told me that the movement in the steering is not normal so what gives mabs ill just get a wof somewhere else

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