Power steering not working on my 1995 corona,

claudek9, Oct 29, 1:07am
steering very heavy, there are significantbubbles and turbulence in the reservoirtank when motor is running.New pump time! Any suggetions greatlyappreciated.

therafter1, Oct 29, 1:38am
Have you checked the fluid level without the motor running, if the level is below the level marks the pump will suck air creating the problem that you appear to have.

claudek9, Oct 29, 3:29am
Cool, the level is on the high mark when motor is not running, is it possible that it has sucked air in previously and it is locked somewhere in the system!cheers

mugenb20b, Oct 29, 5:20am
Is the power steering belt still intact and tight!

monzaman, Oct 29, 5:20am
It shouldn't suck air if resovoir is full,if ps belt is good,resovoir filter not blocked and hose to pump isn't some how blocked it probably simply needs a good flush and replacement of ATF,did that to my'98 hiace primarily to cure growling noise when parking and did stop noise plus felt nicer.

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