Ford BA Falcon Stereo's

kiwihonky, Aug 30, 3:09am
Is it possible to install a after market stereo into these cars.

divermark, Aug 30, 6:39am
Yes, there is a fitting kit that goes below the factory stereo / AC. It takes the place of the tissue box slot. Takes pretty much any single DIn sized unit.

morrisjvan, Aug 31, 4:19am
why would you bother,and the steering wheel mounted controls would no longer work!

kiwihonky, Aug 31, 5:09am
Does the wheel mounted controls realy matter, as having a decent sound system that works well is more important than controlling it from the steering wheel. Dont mind leaning over a tad to operate the system, as you would normaly do so with most other cars.

vtecintegra, Aug 31, 5:12am
You can integrate a lot of higher end stereos with the cars controls these days anyway (not sure about the Falcon in particular but I'd be surprised if you couldn't)

xs1100, Oct 11, 2:40pm
try eds autos expensive but good