Ba falcon fitted new him unit

faybian, Oct 9, 7:39am
still no control of the heater only stays on coldbuti use to have to take the fuse out but it turns off when key off now does the module have to be programmed thanks i have a hanatech scanner willthis reset it

ladeda, Oct 9, 7:43am
It's a known problem with the BA Falcon with the only solution taking the dash off (major hassle and/or expense) to replace the unit.

My heater stopped working, feared the worst, but it miraculously started working again so now leave the heater on hot. Will have to try turning it down for summer.

unbeatabull, Dec 19, 10:51pm
Yes the HIM has to be programmed in/installed, doubt a Hannatech can do it - I'd say you would have to take to a Ford Dealer or anyone with an IDS System