BA Falcon.

irule, Oct 7, 7:54am
Been offered an 02 BA XT falcon by a guy at work, its got 270k on the clock and its in pretty good condition. I'm keen but the K's are putting me off. How many K's are these things good for!

unbeatabull, Oct 7, 7:56am
We get taxi's in with 5-600k on the clock no problem. Just check the usuals, balljoints quite common to wear on them, service history, at 270k its due for its 3rd "90k Service" which includes trans flushes, diff oils etc, as long as has been regularly serviced the engines and trans don't give issues.

franc123, Dec 16, 11:07am
270 isn't many km's for a Falcon, especially if all or much of it has been hot open road running, although as above still put it through a good checkover to make sure everything is how it should be.If it still feels good and tight on the road and has a good service history there will be very little to be concerned about.