1994 Nissan sentra station wagon .

joanzclothez, Feb 19, 5:03am
hi thereI need a r/r passengerseatbeltfor a wof -I think my nissan is a N14just wonderingdo I need to get a specificexact one or can I use a different yearfrom that model-ordoes any one have any partson here!/ thanks

joanzclothez, Feb 19, 5:11am
awesomewill do, can you give me alistof somethat mayfit - ! please.

joanzclothez, Feb 19, 8:05pm
heythereIts a station wagon, thanks

2lo4ho, May 5, 9:52pm
parts connection. 0800 766799 then choose nissan wrecker. mon-fri tho. Or City Nissan (auckland) for new item 09 444 6105 and ask for parts but expect to pay thru the nose for it