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zena1, Mar 2, 8:16am
5th set of rear tyres on my V6 holden sedan from brand new only done total 175 kms Alignments doneWHAT IS GOING ON HERE!

pettal, Mar 2, 8:17am
Year,Model etc !.

zena1, Mar 2, 8:21am
2006 SV6

chito, Mar 2, 8:24am

franc123, Mar 2, 8:25am
probably a combo of insufficient rotation and over zealous rear camber, VT upwards models were well known for it.

vr4_legnum, Mar 2, 8:26am
is the car lowered! it might be best to get a camber kit.

johnf_456, Mar 2, 8:29am
VT onwards its common, I see it often.

zena1, Mar 2, 8:30am
Old man driver, mainly open road driving, pressures good last alignment I asked to them to do whatever they could to help me. I have spoken to others and Tyre guys they say typical issue. is it! if yes I am sorry i bought it!

berg, Mar 2, 8:31am
Camber adjusting bushes are available for these. They improve rear tyre life hugely. Try http://www.nolathane.com.au/catalogue.php
The kit is listed here

berg, Mar 2, 8:32am
Available from Repco

vr4_legnum, Mar 2, 8:34am
what pressures do you run! is it on 235/45/17s! and band of tyres have you been useing!

il seen more few holden with the same issue. dont alot can been done with buying camber kits/ camber adjusting bushes

falcons have the same issue

vtecintegra, Mar 2, 8:43am
I'd love to get 35,000kms from a set of rears on my much lighter weight car

zena1, Mar 2, 8:43am
28psi 2345z17 toyos

johnf_456, Mar 2, 8:45am
Why such a low psi!

berg, Mar 2, 8:45am
Have 55000kms on my VZ ute with the camber adjusting rear bushes. Tyres have just passed another WOF so may be well worth the look

pandai, Mar 2, 8:45am
28 sounds awfully low

zena1, Mar 2, 8:54am
Ill check tomorrow could be higher

vr4_legnum, Mar 2, 9:01am
if your done 175kms in your holden and only replace 5 sets of tyres, i think you doing pretty good with wear. but your pressures are way to low, should be at least 38psi all around. also maybe look at getting tyre what is more harder compound then the toyo

clark20, Mar 2, 10:01am
Sh!t, i would love to get 20,000km out of my 20"s, at $500 each. Oh well my back up set is 19"s.

r15, Mar 2, 10:11am
i too would love to get 35,000kms from my tyres. so far the best ive ever got is around 20,000 and my work car only got 8000!

paull, Mar 2, 10:31am
camber kit mate, prob solved

big.b-lil.c, Mar 2, 11:40pm
dam i get 100,000 out of the 4x4 glad i dont own a commie. vr4 may have hit it on the head if using high performance tires they will wear faster. get a good quality touring or commuter type

dent, Mar 3, 5:35am
you havent told us how they are wearing. Are they wearining evenly, the edges or the centre.

zena1, Mar 3, 8:07am
pressure 38psi, tyres wear on outer edge then rapidly across tread towards centre. What are better wearing tyres! can I mix with the new rear Toyos to front and buy a couple of harder wearing tryes on rear willing to sacrifice handling> I dont drive hard and mostly long haul I think I should get much more Kms.I will fit camber bushes if that dont work I will by a Toyota or Ford.

smac, Mar 3, 8:07pm
The bit of info missing from this thread is, what would 'normal' wear on this car be!

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