Rust in window joint thing? Heeeelp

astoooon, Mar 8, 8:00am

I've got a Toyota sera, same as the picture. If you look at the driver's window, it joins onto the roof glass bit by that black strip thing. Haha, sorry if i'm getting too technical. On mine that bit has rust, pretty bad rust. Would I be able to get it fixed! Maybe scraped out and bogged or something! Thanks

astoooon, Mar 8, 8:26am

astoooon, Mar 8, 8:42am
Thanks so much, It doesn't look too bad in the photos, much worse when you get a good look at it. I'm not 100% if it can be removed. I don't mind spending a few hundred on it, but someone today said It probably cant be fixed. If thats the case I'll sell it and buy another. Thanks for the advice.

astoooon, Mar 8, 8:44am's got butterfly doors. thanks man. Ill get a professional to have a gander. Pretty scared of breaking the glass. Can't buy replacements.

astoooon, Mar 8, 8:56am
I'm getting the front left panel repaired, that'll need a respray.

astoooon, Mar 8, 9:03am
Wouldn't mind giving the whole thing a respray, Not too keen on the greenish yellow, But I'm keeping it original.

astoooon, Mar 8, 9:17am
The piece that's rusty is part of the door. The roof glass is still part of the door and opens with it. How much money would I be looking at for repairing. I know it's hard to tell, just give me a rough average.

fordcrzy, Mar 8, 9:27am
i'd budget on over $500, your gonna have to get the glass pulled off and re glued back on when the repair is the time for the panel beater to actually fix it.
it's just one of those akward repairs that takes time to get everything sorted.

astoooon, Mar 8, 9:39am
Oh maaan, How long do you think I can leave it before it become it gets too bad to fix!

johnf_456, Mar 8, 9:40am
Just get the class cover on your insurance to cover the class removal, especially if the screen is stone chipped. That will save a bit of cost, no excess at all on glass cover and glass repairs normally. Or just chip the windows so they replace it lol. (naughty I know)

fordcrzy, Mar 8, 9:44am
when is your warrant due! because if they see it your in for a whole world of hurt in getting it fixed.get it done BEFORE wof time.

astoooon, Mar 8, 9:53am
At the toyota parts place I was quoted $1800 for a new piece of glass, and there was none in stock. It's a huge mission to get parts. I cant afford anything more then third party insurance and I can't afford to get it fixed before the next WOF. Guess I'll just sell it. Although I do know a pretty dodgy place to get a WOF in the mean time. hehehe

astoooon, Mar 8, 9:54am
I'm currently unemployed, can't afford to fix it up straight away if it's too expensive.

astoooon, Mar 8, 9:57am
Would that be a permanent solution! Sorry, don't know too much about rust.

astoooon, Jul 1, 5:07pm
I went to a professional today and I was quoted around $700 to fix it. He said he would be very hesitant to get it done at risk of breaking the glass. Should I bother getting it fixed!