Cracked window screen.WOF?

selwyn_peters, Mar 8, 10:18am
I have a crack that is in the middle of my window screen but down the bottom. Is about 15cm high. Its nowhere near line of vision, its down by the dash in pretty much above stereo etc.would this fail on a WOF! cheers

intrade, Mar 8, 10:21am
yup and no one will repaire it for you they can only do about 1 inch crack these days. new window glass is cheapest from autoglas stieger.

woki, Mar 8, 10:23am
If the crack is longer than 150mm then its a wof fail . If its less than that they can drill and stop the crack from spreading . It must not be in the line of drivers vision .

thejazzpianoma, Mar 8, 10:26am
The term is "windscreen" Grrrr it irks me when people say "window screen" its not a set of Venetian blinds!

selwyn_peters, Mar 8, 10:27am
thanks i thought maybe itd be alright as it isnt in my line of vision. so any crack in the front window above 150mm is a fail even if its on the passenger side of the screen! thanks for your help

intrade, Mar 8, 10:27am
yanke call it wind-shield

intrade, Mar 8, 10:29am
see if novous or smits,nsmiss repair it if not you got your answer. and i told you already where to getthe cheapest glass from. i paid 134$ for my fiat windscreen from stieger

selwyn_peters, Mar 8, 10:32am
cheers just looked them up ill go see them tomorrow for my window screen

intrade, Mar 8, 10:37am
somone said they dont do good installs. I had the windscreen installed by mobile installer at my workshop for 120$ so that is 254$ installed.
what i have seen theyemploy cheap labour as they sell you real low priced products, but i see no fault with the product i got.

clark20, Mar 8, 11:20am
Gee that rock just broke your screen, better claim on insurance.

rod525, Mar 8, 6:46pm
Window screen - duh.

3tomany, Mar 8, 7:32pm
windscreen it screens the wind and even if i am wrong it doesnt matter because thats what we have called it for the last 3000 years lol

mrfxit, Mar 9, 2:51am
LONGER then 150mm anywhere
ANYTHING directly in front of the driver (basicly the full screen height & 12" /300mm total width) ( basic width of the steering wheel 6" /150mm center either side of the hub)

im_andrew, Mar 9, 4:58am
I have worked with henry from Steigers in wellington. He has put screens in 2 of my cars and his work is top notch. Dont know about the other branches, can only comment on wellington.

iginoi, Mar 9, 8:41am
There's a new thread starting up called "I can't give opinion on your thread unless it's grammatically perfect, because I don't understand what you're trying to say" (Run Forest, Ruuuuurrrrrn)

Back to the point: "I'm sorry my mower kicked up that stone that went through your window screen" Clark and Mellissa saw it too

btb2, Jul 3, 4:58pm
took my car for a wof today. thers a crack which sort of makes a s down the windscreen on the passengers side about 40 cm long. passed the wof so really it depends where you take it.

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