How do I find out what motor my car is?

marley, Mar 10, 3:09am
I have a Nisaan Pulsar 1993 and Im actually trying to get rid of it but I have a friend that needs SR20 DE this kind of motor. She has a Nissan Primera. If I can flick the vehicle off to her I will - it'll save me listing it on here and loosing a huge success fee! hahaha.You can tell Im the wife and I dont know what Im looking for! Where do I find out what type of motor I have!

moosie_21, Mar 10, 3:15am
VIN plate, should be over on right hand side of firewall under the bonnet. Either that or, type in your plate, and pay a small fee to know.

marley, Mar 11, 1:53am
Thanks everyone! Loos like I will be listing it on here or just letting the wreckers have it. Wonder what they would give me for it!

jasongroves, Mar 11, 2:08am
Hard to say with hardly any info;)

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