Steering rack end for cortina.

dougedebordaux, Mar 13, 8:54pm
81 mk5 does anyone have one they could list happy to do a buy now thanks

hijacka, Mar 13, 9:03pm
Wouldn't waste my time installing a wornout secondhand one when you can buy them new from$15-$40

dougedebordaux, Mar 13, 9:07pm
where can you buy them thanks

hijacka, Mar 13, 9:12pm
Butler auto, supercheap, repco, georgestocks etc etc. will prob need to be ordered in from georgestocks or auto supplys. is it inner or outer!

dougedebordaux, Mar 13, 9:31pm
inner repco doest have one niether does super cheap.

intrade, Mar 13, 9:33pm
somone will have new onesprovodedwe talk rack-endand not the rack it self!
i would try them for a start

hijacka, Mar 13, 9:35pm
They can order them in from george stocks fella.prob just being lazy. demand they order 1 for you!

dougedebordaux, Mar 13, 9:40pm
thanks for the info its my sons car and i have no idea what i am talking about have to txt him and ask then awnser you lol

hijacka, Mar 13, 9:42pm
Sweet as.hold off till tmrw m8, george stocks aren't open today and they prob need to ring it thru anyway

panicky, Mar 13, 9:44pm
sure its the rack end not the inner rack bushing

franc123, Mar 13, 10:41pm
BNT should have access to something like that, if none of the locals will get off their butts theres always Ebay.

tmenz, Mar 14, 12:10am
Also Partmaster!

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