Price for bushes on steering rack Toyota Wish

atlantis3, Jul 11, 8:57pm
My car has just failed a WOF because of play at the end of the lock (left and right) I was quoted $860 for the repair (2 bushes apparently) These can't be bought and need making so Im told. The bushes are hidden under the rubber boots.
Does this seem a fair price?
Edit: that price includes a wheel alignment

franc123, Jul 11, 9:08pm
I do recall one of those unusual Toyota wagons, can't recall if it's a Picnic or a Wish having a rack mount bush that isn't replaceable in place, the rack has to be removed from the car and the bushes removed, sized up and a set made up, Toyota don't list the bushes separate and there are no catalogued aftermarket bushes available. However once this job has been done properly it shouldn't need doing again.

frytime, Nov 28, 1:08am
SAS in lower hurt might have some

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