Steering Rack Boot + Wheel Allignment

puddleduck00, May 22, 2:12am
Hey guys just a quick question. I know very little about cars.

I have a 97 Nissan Cefiro. I got new tyres and a wheel alignment two weeks ago. I took it for a WOF after that and it failed because I had a split LH steering rack boot. So I took it in to get fixed (a different place to where I did my wheel alignment). Ever since then, my car has pulled to the left.

Could the person who did the steering rack boot have caused this? And should I go back to them or just fork out for another wheel alignment. I don't want to ruin my new tyres.

cjdnzl, May 22, 2:18am
Yes, fitting a new boot entails dismantling part of the steering mechanism by undoing a longish thread, and I guess they didn't get the part back in the right spot, so yes, a realignment needed.

intrade, May 22, 2:34am
the place who done the boot should have told you this, i personally use universal strech boots to avoid having to unscrew a steering component if possible, otherwise i tell the client they need a wheel alignment as you never ever get it where it was 100% and when its pulling means its badly out not just a bit.

puddleduck00, May 22, 3:28am
Cheers guys.

Should the guys who did the wheel alignment have noticed the split boot before doing the alignment? Or is this not really something you'd look for.

I'm just a bit annoyed because the place that did my tyres and alignment didn't tell me my rear tyres were unwarrantable (which is irrelevant to this problem obviously) when they did the front tyres and didn't notice the rack boot. So I had to go back after failing a wof. Then the place that did my steering rack boot said nothing about needing to get the alignment done again.

intrade, May 22, 3:52am
well professionally they should have told you a split boot might need a re-alignment. However if you use strech boots you dont need a re-alignment so the secound guy is definetly a moron for sure and you can not conclusivly blame the wheel alignment guy . You should talk to them and hopefully they do you a 1/2 price or less realignement as it will only be that toe that is out on the side the boot was fitted.

yz490, May 22, 3:59am
replaced both sides on my old honda vigor more than once over the last ten years or so. Always take an accurate measurement between two points so it ends up in the same place on the thread. In saying that, mine pulls to the left annoyingly--so much for my theory [or ability lol]. I 'do' think you'd have to be a few turns out before it'd be 'very' noticeable as it's a reasonably fine thread--but maybe i'm wrong. Cheers--or tears.

puddleduck00, May 22, 4:22am
Thanks for the advice. Might see what I can do.

Also. does replacing a CV have any effect on the alignment. Just noticed a knocking during right turns. Haha. cars ey.

intrade, Jan 16, 3:55pm
cv not unless the balljoint gets damaged when removing the axle , i usually avoid undoing ballyoints on cv and justundo the strut and arm on the chassis if possible just doe a 90s wingroad nissan yestarday

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