Ute question

danni_2254, Mar 12, 10:32am
Can you fail a wof on rust in the tray! Is it deemed structual!

r15, Mar 12, 10:37am
they dont seem to fail.though i dont know the actual law on it

danni_2254, Mar 12, 10:38am
Cause they arnt actually attached to the cab, i'd imagine it'll be algood as long as it doesnt pose a safety risk! (i.e rust falling off above wheel arches ect)

bubbles52, Mar 12, 1:56pm
yes, if the tray isn't removable, eg. kingswood or any falcon before the AU model

mrfxit, Mar 12, 7:41pm
Rust for a fail would at least be for .

Flaking rust
Mounting points
Tail/side gate attachments
Mudguards & mounting points
Tail/side gates
Light mounting points
Anything jaggered
External holes (fingers cought in the hole on the way past)
Anything loose

Any holes in the flat part of the deck would be an instant fail IF you were stupid enough to not cover them.

I think it's covered under the same rules as truck decks/trailers etc

danni_2254, Mar 13, 8:27am
So then welding repairs wouldn't need cert ect!

danni_2254, Mar 13, 8:33am
And does that include utes with removable trays! Otherwise could just go in with no tray!

mrfxit, Mar 13, 8:43am
The removable tray would still have to comply as well as the attachments used.
Basicly if it's not fitted at the time of inspection, then it can't be checked . BUT . if a roadside inspection is done WITH a faulty removable tray fitted,or you are invloved in an accident AND perticulery where the condition of the tray could be a cause of THAT accident,. then you would be in the P ooooooop

mrfxit, Mar 13, 8:44am
probably not .BUT only as long as it is used DOMESTICLY & not for hire.

danni_2254, Mar 13, 8:49am
Yea, looks like ill be ok then

unideck, Jul 16, 6:42am
Danni, nothing stopping you doing the welding yourself unless its a COF vehicle and is a structural section to be welded. Private vehicles are wide open for you to weld up yourself unless you are building replacement mounts say for certified engine transplant and or suspension lifting etc. As for patching your deck area just go for it.

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