High Stop Brake Light

dasler, Jun 30, 10:30am
Pls any knowledgable people that can tell me is it possible the seperate led bulbs in these things can blow.We have checked all the wiring and hooked it up to another one and it works fine, just not the one on our car.Can the bulbs be replaced or would we be better to buy a whole new one!Thanks in advance.

im_andrew, Jun 30, 10:34am
Its probably because the tracks the LEDs are soldered to have corroded away, or the solder joints broken. Try soldering a strand of copper wire between them

dasler, Jun 30, 10:39am
Thank u im_andrew will give that a crack tomorrow.

dasler, Jun 30, 11:53am
Damn its a sealed unit so no way of opening it up without damaging it.There are 48 individual bulbs inside.

johnf_456, Jun 30, 11:53am
They will be leds not bulbs.

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