Whats the best way to remove brake glaze?

sooby, Jan 26, 8:10am
I've tried reversing & stomping on the brakes & itdidn't work.Do I need to try faster!

Is there other ways of fixing it without heading to brake shop!


mugenb20b, Jan 26, 8:18am
Sand paper.

unbeatabull, Jan 26, 8:18am
Pull the pads out and deglaze them!

alan1111, Jan 26, 8:24am
machine the rotors and fit new pads

steve312, Jan 26, 8:25am
What are you trying to achieve and why do you think the linings need deglazing!Pads and linings will always glaze as a result of normal brake operation.Brake sqeal is not caused by glazed pads or linings if that is what you trying to remedy.

sooby, Jan 26, 8:52am
yes, I'm trying to quiet a slight squeal.

cheers for the replies guys :)

And yes, the pads are fine - mentioned squeak to mechanic thinking it was the wear indicator, but he said it was just glazing.

Think I managed to remove some of it by reversing at speed then stomping on the anchors, just thought there might be more to it than that.

sr2, Jan 26, 9:47am
+1. Modern brake pads are designed to leave a deposit on the rotor.

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