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jessie01, Jun 25, 8:10am
failed a warrant as only half of it is going. it is on a commodore 1995. does it need to be replaced or worth checking for a faulty wire. thanx

dent, Jun 25, 8:12am
if its half working there a fault with the lights or leds that are in there. Might be able to be repaired or a second hand one might be cheaper.

jessie01, Jun 25, 8:15am
where doi buy these from do you know

pup2, Jun 25, 8:18am
Goto your local sparky, they should have Red LED strips you can use. I know we have used them to repair spoiler brake lights.

jessie01, Jun 25, 8:20am
do you know how much they cost please

clark20, Jun 25, 8:45am
Can you take a photo of it and post it up!

pup2, Jun 25, 8:16pm

pfemstn, Jun 25, 8:37pm
some of those lamps are not LED but a series of bulbs! check first

jessie01, Jun 25, 9:00pm
i wondered if maybe it was bulbs as only half has gone on it will check once the rain stops but it is also hard to get at. i have to remove the spoiler which is easy but because im a girl i havent got the strength to get the spoiler off as it seems really stuck fast , even without the bolts. i feel the need for a hammer lol

jessie01, Jun 25, 9:09pm
how do those LED strips work, they look alot cheaper at this point

xs1100, Jun 25, 9:31pm
try discount auto accessories they do spoilers

spead, Jun 25, 11:04pm
why didnt you ask at the wof testing station!

jessie01, Jun 26, 2:26am
didn't even think to ask. was off work with a nasty flu and couldn't wait to get home to be honest. No need to ask them anyway I have lots of brainy people to help on here lol

jessie01, Jun 26, 9:08pm
yes the man did say 75% must be working. i will replace the whole light i think just to keep it standard. going to pull it apart today to see if there are bulbs inside or maybe loose wire.

intrade, Jun 26, 9:17pm
95 comowhore wont be led it be bulbs for a simple fact that led did not exist in 95

clark20, Jun 26, 9:55pm
Not correct, Celicas, some Hondas etc had them around 1990

xs1100, Jun 27, 12:41am
easier to just put a light in it use to be about 80 bux

bigfatmat1, Jun 27, 3:18am
they been round since the early 60s in car lights mid 80's

jessie01, Jun 27, 3:30am
the whole light needs to be replaced have just looked. there is a guy on here selling spoiler lights so heres hoping he can help me

saxman99, Jun 27, 4:36am
LED invented in 1927.

im_andrew, Jun 27, 8:32am
VN-VP-VR-VS all had LED spoiler lights.

Pretty common fault on most cars with LED high stop lights - and especially commodores. Normally just because the tracks on the pcb are corroded. You can pull the lamp assy apart and solder a strand of copper wire across the legs of the LEDs to remedy the problem

bigfatmat1, Jun 27, 8:56am
I have sucessfuly cut some open and repaired for various cars where I could not find a replacement maybe this could be an option they are a series parralla config inside so if one led or bad solder joints it affects the restin that part of the circuit

intrade, Jun 27, 8:47pm
intresting i did think they had a problem with brightness till late 90s with making led bright enoughI know the clear ones had this problem still 8 years ago

shuddupowh, Jun 27, 9:10pm
I see spoiler brake lights half working all over the place, some only have like 4 or so leds working when its obivously got 10or more leds. Yet the cars look tidy so should have a WOF and the drivers look like honest people (well most of them). So I think some WOF places dont care.

richms, Jun 28, 11:44am
The ones on my skyline are really really dim but they all make light so it "works" as far as the wof guys are concerned.

I will someday get around to opening it and replacing them all with stupidly bright high intensity red LEDs. till then, no worries

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