OK, my turn to ask a moron question about rego on

1ollie, Jun 22, 5:14am
With the normal rego forms! could be wrong though

petermcg, Jun 22, 5:21am
No,, You can sell car without WOF, You can change papers when on hold and you can do it online.

roys351, Jun 22, 5:22am
sell as is where is you dont need a wof to change only to reg

dent, Jun 22, 6:32am
I dont think thats quite true. I just brought a car and the rego was on hold from the previous owner. i rang up and explained the situation and apparntly it stays on hold for the time set by the previous owner.

skin1235, Jun 22, 6:39am
double check that before blithely leaving it to run out to the end of the previous owners exemption - I think you will find you've been given incorrect or incomplete info

also a note, if the rego is not on hold but overdue a change of ownership leaves you the new owner at day one and the old owner with a bill to pay, you can actually buy a vehicle that has reg owing and put it on hold as soon as it is in your name( theres been more than a few vehicles sold to partners and or family members to get around the 'pay overdue before exemption can be applied for' clause - at least it stops it accruing more cost)

mopar63, Jun 22, 6:52am
dent is right , Ive done a few ch of Own on cars that were rego on hold, the rego stayed on hold after it went into my name,the AP5 I have now had reg on hold last year before I bought it and have just got a notice in the mail to redo the exemption

babcorp, Jun 22, 7:30am
yep new owner had to put it on hold when we sold a car that was already on hold. Best thing to do is ASK when you change ithe papers,

spead, Jun 22, 7:38am
the forms everyone else uses.

smac, Aug 3, 6:58pm
This is not correct. An exemption behaves in the same way as a licence (it is just a type of licence), it is unaffected by the change of ownership.