Buying a late model Mustang in NZ (Jap import)

wfl1, Feb 10, 7:01am
Any comments or advice or pitfalls on this ,First time buyer here.Thankyou

supernova2, Feb 10, 9:54pm
Why would you buy a Jap Import Mustang? More to the point forget the Jap part - why buy a Mustang?

petal_91, Feb 10, 10:52pm
Those Mustangs are left hand drive aren't they? That means you will need to import it under the special interest category, see link below, and obviously if it is a V6 Mustang or some other such model with a higher production run then it won't be eligible.

Also existing LHD older model Mustangs will be worth a lot less when the new model gets to NZ in Right Hand Drive, so it might be easiest just to buy a new one from Ford.

tgray, Feb 10, 11:10pm
I don't think he is looking at importing one. If so, OP, please come back to us.
I import late model USA cars from the states, but if you are simply buying one here that happens to be a Jap import, then it will need to go through compliance no doubt.
Make sure who ever you buy it from has the full paper trail. Simply having an export certificate is not enough.
Check that the particular Mustang qualifies under NZ law. Anyone can bring in anything they like, it's when you go to get them complied that the issues can arise.
It s V8 right?
What year?
Are you buying it off a dealer in NZ?
You need to give us a lot more info.

wfl1, Feb 11, 12:25am
Yes off a dealer- Yes has to be complied-(Dealer to arrange this) .Yes V8 -Year 2007

tgray, Feb 11, 12:52am
Ok, as long as the deal is subject to the dealer complying the car, I can't see an issue. It is still an 8 year old car, so I would have it looked at mechanically just to be sure.
I think the Jap Mustangs might have a slight difference in spec than the USA imported ones. Someone here will know.
Have you compared it to the Camaro from 2010 onwards?
They are super nice (I have had 7 of them) and would cost you $10 -15 more, but if you are a Mustang man, I respect that.
Enjoy and all the best.
ps/ the Catagory A exemption requires you to not sell the car for a period of 4 years. The dealer should make this clear to you.

phalanax, Feb 11, 6:48am
Im picking after the last xr8 rolls off the production line. Ford will start flogging off RHD versions of the Mustang in OZ and NZ

tgray, Feb 11, 7:36am
It's confirmed, that's happening later this year.

robotnik, Feb 11, 7:49am
I doubt there will be many takers for the new Mustang down-under. Aussies and Kiwis want four door cars.

tgray, Feb 11, 8:57am
The manufacturers have done their homework and are satisfied sufficient demand exists.
Will be interesting to see if Ford's global experiment works.
GM will be watching closely and following suite if this all pays off and then you will see RHD Camaro's within 5 years and eventually RHD Corvette's in this part of the world.

gjmman, Feb 11, 9:11am
I'm hoping a few wind up in rental car fleets like in the states, Id pay a little extra to have something a bit different

tgray, Feb 11, 7:41pm
Trouble is, it won't be 'a bit different' when they are all at your local Ford dealer and so many are out on the roads.
Once this happens, it won't be so cool owning a Mustang anymore.
Certainly not when people are doing the daily commute to work in their 4 cylinder model. Kind of waters down the brand and the ownership experience somewhat.

lookoutas, Feb 12, 7:18am
I'm waiting for you to suggest buying a VW.

mharwood, Feb 12, 7:52am
do you really think its not cool to drive a lhd mustang carson wholesalers have the best selection in auckland

tgray, Feb 12, 9:15am
Driving a V8 LHD Mustang at the moment is cool.
Driving a 4 cylinder RHD Mustang in the future may not be so.
Re Carson, there are other dealers with a much wider selection than them.

westwyn, Feb 12, 10:19am
I'm betting they will- they're almost workhorses in the Hertz and Avis fleets in the US- pull in to a parking bay in a popular tourist destination like the Grand Canyon Yavapai Point and you'll have trouble finding your car when you return!

brapbrap8, Feb 12, 10:20am
They should fit in a good gap in the market, the only other 2 door sports car I can think of between the <$40k 86/BRZ and the >$90k Audi TT would be the Nissan 370Z, and I would say people are either a V8 fan or a Nissan fan so they shouldn't comoete that much.

coralsnake, Feb 12, 10:28am
Having owned a LHD 'Stang in NZ it is dangerous to drive as there are times you are unable to see.

My partner's LHD car was shipped to NZ as part of his transfer package - it didn't take him two weeks to park it up and buy a 'kiwi car'. The only time it got driven again in NZ was when we had to take it to be prepared for shipping back to the U.S.

mharwood, Feb 12, 10:50am
lhd dangerous to drive i must have been lucky drove one for 30years never had a problem . just park and step out on the footpath i wonder why there is a strong market for the cars but that's just my option

emmerson1, Feb 12, 11:37am
All sorts of wrong there. I don't care if it is twin turbo-supercharged direct injected and pumping 400 ponies, if it ain't V8, it just ain't a Mustang. And that goes for Camaro's too. If you're going to make them Japanesy (and that's fine too), then just call it something else.

tgray, Feb 12, 6:39pm
I agree.
Even if the 4 cylinder one was more powerful than the 8, I still wouldn't want it.
V8 or nothing. Maybe I am showing my age.

tgray, Feb 12, 6:40pm
I have been driving LHD here in NZ since 1991 and have never had a problem, although I must admit overtaking is more of a challenge.

lookoutas, Jun 21, 3:40am
You're only a novice tg.

I find the only problem is when the optional air bag in the passengers seat is auto activated when I want to have a looksee to blast past. Other than that, it's usually "sit back and go"

Quite good having electric windows and be able to lower the RH one for a clearer view in crap conditions.

Pain in the arse at a Toll Gate or Drive Through.

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