Newbie question regarding warning light

smoth_007, Jun 13, 9:47pm
I have a 1994 Mitsubishi FTO (non-gpx) and for about 5 minutes after a cold start, usually early in the morning, the oil light will come on at random. Am I due for an oil change/top up! Or is it something else!

I'm looking at buying a new car in the next few weeks so I'm not too worried if it turns out to be anything serious.

jsbike, Jun 13, 9:52pm
maybe check the oil level!

johnf_456, Jun 13, 9:53pm
The first question I have to ask is, have you checked the oil level on the dipstick! Keep it simple for now and work your way up.

stevo2, Jun 14, 12:36am
After the engine warms up, the oil thins out and oil pressure drops to below recommended levels causing the light to come on. If the oil level is correct and the sensor is not faulty, your engine is not getting the oil circulation it needs and is on the way out.

iman007, Jun 14, 9:04am
check the knobend, i have known it to come apart sometimes

im_andrew, Jun 14, 9:31am
When was the oil last changed!

v8_mopar, Jun 13, 9:49pm
Be nice if op came back