Toyota FX SJ AE101 Brake Upgrade Question.gadgit3?

ema1, Jan 25, 7:27am
I am wanting to know if the AE101 FX GT rear disc brake set up that I am contemplating fitting in my FX SJ in place of the drum brake set up while it's a straight swap pretty much, I am wanting to know if the FX SJ brake master cylinder/booster unit is the same as the FX GT master cylinder/booster unit!
The struts and hub units will be also swapped over using the FX GT units.
I will have all the FX GT rear suspension gear etc plus hand brake cable assy as well complete.available!
FX SJ being disc/drum brake set up and the FX GT being a 4 wheel disc type brake set up, hence my question here.

gadgit3, Jan 25, 6:05pm
Hi John.
If both cars are AE101 then the struts will bolt in from the GT and the rest of the gear will fit also.

ema1, Jan 26, 5:08am
Yep both are AE101 just wanting to know if the brake master cylinder/booster from the disc/drum set up will operate the 4 wheel disc set up, or will I need to swap the master cylinder/booster to suit!

ema1, Jan 27, 10:59pm
^ ^ ^

toyboy3, Jan 27, 11:10pm
a master cylinderwith drum brakes should have a line pressure valve to the drum brakes.wheres a disc brake set up doesn't have a line pressure valve

ema1, Jan 27, 11:26pm
Thanks for that, wondered about that actually!

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