Fixed draw bar to tow a motor home

treens2, May 28, 6:32am
Anybody know where I could get a hold off one in the canterbury area!

matarautrader, May 28, 7:46am
1 yes its a nice day!
2 yes its a fixed A-frame to tow something!
3 yes its something to connect an A-Frame to!
4 yes its something different!
5 yes its blue!
6 yes its red!

Andy_563 gave you a choice of three. I have given you a few more. Just pick a number!

poppajn, May 28, 8:13am
Got to get it made, then certifed, then is the towing vechicle towbar certifed to the required weight. nothings easy in the motoring world,

jmma, May 28, 9:17am
Thats classic (o:

grangies, May 28, 9:22am

elect70, May 29, 12:46am
what are you going to tow the motorhome with,a K Whopper , mack, . !Seems expensive way to go on holiday .

gs1220, May 29, 1:22am
My crystal ball tells me that OP wants an A-frame to pull a Suzuki Jimmy behind his house-bus. It was a bit fuzzy on the type of bus, but it is big.

im_andrew, May 29, 2:32am
Or are you wanting for a solid bar to go from a ringfeeder on the back of your tow vehicle, to a mounting on the front of your motorhome! A bit like this, you cant really see it in the pic, but there is a big steel pole between the front of the bus and the back of the truck

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