Cheap MK2 escort parts

makita.cranston, May 26, 10:00am
So i was just wondering if anybody would have cheap parts need a few things back seat bonet round headlights and a grill oh and a centre consol (goes down to the gear lever) and a gear box just a 4 speed

jasongroves, May 26, 10:03am
Looked on TM!

jasongroves, May 26, 10:05am
Putting a wanted ad up wouldn't hurt either.
Cant imagine many people would be wanting to let good condition Escort parts go that cheap though.

makita.cranston, May 26, 10:06am
yeah but would rather the parts in southland postage is a killer

jasongroves, May 26, 10:09am
Not really. Banana box through Post Haste is only $17.50 on a 2 day service.
Cheaper within Island.

jezz43, May 26, 6:36pm
i know where loads of parts are, ive had several MK1 and 2 panelvans over the years. ive also got a few bits and pieces laying around here like a clutch cable from a MK2 panelvan that fits to a 2.0l cortina engine and a speedo cable. put up a wanted listing and il contact you with some numbers if you like

rob_man, Apr 6, 11:57am
I'm having fun punctuating the original post to see how many different meanings I can get out of it.
So i was just wondering, if anybody would have cheap parts. Need a few things back. Seat, bonnet round headlights (just the bit round the headlights)