Wet motor has my car jerking

james63, May 25, 9:28pm
I hosedthe motor ofmy 1996 Hyundai car to wash the dust offNow my car is continuouslyjerking when Im traveling . Is there any suggestion on what I can do to rectify this problemplease

fordluva, May 25, 9:32pm
Possibly moisture inside the distributor cap, an easy fix is hairspray believe it or not, remove the dizzy cap, dry what you can and spray a bit of hairspray inside the cap, re-fit and see what happens.

phillip.weston, May 25, 9:36pm
I think only the 1.3 12V engines have distributors, the rest should have coil on plug or wasted spark ignition. I would say a coil pack or spark plug lead is wet or perhaps there's water collected in the spark plug hole tube.

antwerp87, May 25, 10:35pm
Make sure all connectors are dry and as PW said pull each lead off and check to see there is no water down the tubes. if there is pull the plugs out and crank it over a few times to get it all out. If ya dont want to use hairspray go get CRC Contact Cleaner. Awesome stuff. I use it all the time.

toyboy3, May 26, 1:12am
why would anyone want to wash the motor !Its not as though anyone is going to eat a meal off it . Just think of all the high voltage tracking occuring followed by damaged parts to be replaced

johnf_456, May 26, 1:14am
Nothing wrong with a clean engine bay and its perfectly fine, the car will be fine when it drys out. It probably has water on the leads / ignition system somewhere. Use some compressed air if you can and crc OP, then take it for a nice long hot drive.

tighty3, May 26, 3:59am
but the car was in working order untill it was washedand now there is high voltagetracking and will likely need a set of leads to fixa problemthat has been created by washing
magic words are" if it isn't broke don't fix it "

johnf_456, May 26, 4:03am
Rubbish all it need is to be dryed out, I wash cars engine bars as well, heck ask any car dealer.

Its a simple fix of just gwtting it dryed out, rain can do the same thing in some cars.

unclejake, May 26, 6:16am
^ agreed. Having to replace leads because they got wet isn't valid

johnf_456, May 26, 8:40am
+1, which is a bit hard to do when most cars have the ecu inside near the transmission tunnel or kick panels.

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