Series Land Rover steering idler.

magenta, May 18, 8:56am
I need advice about how to remove the steering idler from the front chassis member of my series 3 Land Rover. I have disconected etc.,and tried a floor jack under the brute, but only succeeded in lifting the vehicle off the ground.

Cross member has been modified to take Holden motor so I dont want to wreck anything by making a dumb call.

Any suggestion appreciated.


c.knox, May 18, 9:02am
When I did mine, I had to rebuild it in place. The rust was too strong. Not too difficult to do, but the idler spring has to be compressed as you reassemble everything, which can get exciting.

mrsdoobercoons, May 19, 4:53am
Yeah, they can rust in really well.They are much easier to rebuild if you can get them out and in a vice.

Soak the join into the cross member with CRC or diesel and leave it for a day or so.You should be able to knock it out after that.

When you put it back together make sure the bottom seal and gasket are absolutely oil tight and there's plenty of oil around the top bushes.Check the load with a spring balance and if it's too heavy find out why.A lack of oil in the idler is usually why Landrovers have heavy steering, they should be quite light.

Good luck with it.

dozerman, May 19, 7:16am
from memory i think there are 2 cones inside that the spring pushes apart onto their seats you need to remove the cones. as when u press the shaft out the cones just locks tighter on the shaft .Was 20 years ago i last did one but i rember this same problem

dozerman, May 19, 10:13am
Sorry see u cant get it out of the chassis. Idid in place

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