Car Alarm Help Please!

jay.da, May 17, 2:18am
Have no remote now thanks to kids throwing the keys around and smashed the transmitter for the car alarm. So now I have a car that I can't use, I have tried to put the alarm into valet mode but it doesn't seem to work, the flasher is constantly on and can not get it to flash again have rung the local car alarm specialist for a replacement remote but not sure if its going to work as the over-ride switch doesn't seem to be working as it should. Please Help any advice appreciated.

jay.da, May 17, 2:39am
How do i find out the pin number!

johnf_456, May 17, 2:54am
Should be with the documentation of the alarm

jay.da, May 17, 2:59am
bugger! We don't have it, Bought the car with alarm already - all we got was the keys and 1 remote

_peas, May 17, 3:40am
+1 and a spare key!Makes situations like these not so crippling.

jay.da, Feb 28, 9:57pm
All sorted now guy's coming around tomorrow to rip it out. It has been nothing but problems anyway, and cheaper to get rid of it than replace the remote.
Hopefully no more flat battery, faulty button and the annoying sound when you forget to push the button to start it.
Thanks people.